#NationalFitnessDay: My Gym Routine.


Today is National Fitness Day and I’ve started going back to the gym after a summer break! As such, now seemed like a good time to share with you my gym routine and exercise habits to celebrate.

Honestly, many are surprised when they find out that I go to the gym simply because I’m fat and people assume that I’m lazy and inactive. Going to the gym isn’t the only thing I do. I love playing sports – tennis, badminton, volleyball, netball, all sorts! I have an active job too, so I’m really not as inactive and sluggish as my plus-size frame makes you think I am.


I tend to go to the gym about three/four times a week. I don’t go to lose weight as such, but rather for personal enjoyment and health purposes. For most of my life I’ve been living with a number of health conditions that make it difficult for me to lose weight – going to the gym is a simple way of keeping on top of my cardiovascular health and improving my strength.

So what’s my typical gym routine?

  1. Bike: 10 minutes at level 4. This is my usual warm-up, averaging around a speed of 55 RPM.
  2. Treadmill: 15 minutes at various speeds and inclines. I start with 5 minutes of walking at 5km/h, then 5 minutes of walking at the same speed with an incline of 5%. The last five minutes are either 6km/h of walking with no incline, or 4km/h of walking with a 10% incline.10787735_1527445460877431_626281565_n
  3. Cross trainer: Alternating between 1 minute of high intensity exercise and 1 minute of medium intensity for a total of 10 minutes.
  4. Chest press: 3×12 reps at 11kg
  5. Leg press: 3×12 reps at 39kg
  6. Shoulder press: 3×12 reps at 4.5kg
  7. Seated row: 3×12 reps at 10.1kg
  8. Plank: 3×20 seconds
  9. Squats with kettlebell: 3×12 at 4kg

All of these exercises take me about an hour in the gym but I prefer to spend an hour and half there from 6:30am to 8am. With the remaining half an hour, I tend to go back to the treadmill for a slow walk on a high incline (anything over 10%), a gentle jog with no incline, and then a cool down set by the treadmill.

During the evening of gym days, depending on how tired or busy I am, I like to round off the day with half an hour of beginners yoga to stretch out and take care of my muscles.

Are you fitness fanatic or a total fitness phobic?

Thanks for reading guys and I hope you have a good national fitness day!

Bethany xo



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