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LUSH; Christmas and Halloween 2017


It might only be October but in my world, it’s never too early to utter the C word. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t yearning for long nights, chilly weather, and a house full of fairy lights. I’ve started Christmas shopping and festive recipes are already flying through my mind. So, when LUSH invited me to see their new products and get into the Christmas spirit with other lovely bloggers in the area, I was thrilled.

This year, LUSH is putting their focus on naked packaging. Not only are naked products more environmentally friendly but it’s cheaper, they tend to last longer, and they’re naturally self-preserving. You can read more about LUSH’s naked packaging initiative here.

Makeup and skincare;

Fan favourites Buche de Noel and Santa Baby lip scrub and tints are back for another year and my skin is already crying out for them. But what’s new this year?


When I first got to this section of our showcase for evening, there was something shimmering gold that caught my attention immediately. Shades of Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh is a lip block of three colours that can be mixed or used separately to create gorgeous sparkly lip shades. I love metallics for winter, so I can already see myself using this across the festive period.

Sparkle Jars could be my new obsession. Fairy Dust and Mr Sandman dusting powders were insanely popular and now they’re in a naked form. This year they’re in little massage bar jars so it’s basically like getting two products for the price of one – score!

If you want something a bit lighter and fresher for your skin than the candyfloss and lavender scented sparkle jars, then I think Once Upon a Time body lotion is something you should try. It’s made with apple infusion, grapefruit oil, and lemon oil making it uplifting and cleansing and something different for the nose among all the spicy scents of Christmas.


Thundersnow bath bomb is a mint chocolate scented delight peppered with popping candy. Its design is inspired by the view of the Earth from space and the name comes from never knowing what the weather in the UK is going to be. Will it thunder? Will it snow? It’s a mystery! I can see this bath bomb taking off in a big way.


When I spoke to the staff members during the event, they all seemed to agree that their favourite bath bomb this year is Christmas Sweater. It’s festive in design with reindeers playing in the snow on a cranberry red base. However, its scent didn’t appeal to me. This ballistic is heavy with ginger, mustard, coriander, and clove but cut with lemon oil to add a subtle fresh note. I see the appeal and I can imagine it being great for frigid days and sore muscles. It might be one that grows on me over the next few months.

Pink and glitter are two of my favourite colours (yes, glitter is a colour in my eyes!) so the sparkly Pink Pumpkin stole my heart as soon as I saw it. Then I smelled it, realised it was floral scented and I decided right then and there it was my favourite Halloween product of all time. This bubble bar creates lots of soft bubbles, turns the water a beautiful pastel pink, and makes the water silky with the addition of cornflower. Plus, the scent is gentle and calming. But don’t worry – the original Sparkly Pumpkin is still here if you prefer something a little more traditional from your Halloween products.


Okay, I am DYING to tell you all about my favourite soap this year. Golden Pear not only looks delectable, but it smells it too! This soap has a fresh, sweet, true pear smell thanks to the pear puree it’s made with.


The scent is far more layered than this though, as it also has a sour note as some pears do and a warming element from the clove and cardamom. It’s almost like the smell of a warm pear crumble. This soap is extra special because every time you use it, you get a big helping of plastic-free glitter. Shimmery skin all the way!

Solid shower gels now exist, and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sold on them to begin with. They look like soaps moulded to resemble shower gel bottles, but I can guarantee you that they’re not soaps. These solid gels have a shower gel base, the only difference is that these gels are thicker so they achieve the solid form. They lather the same as liquid shower gels and feel the same as liquid shower gels on the skin. The solid version works well because they last longer, however my clumsy self has dropped this gel so many times already. Oh well, practice makes perfect.


After perusing the new products, we took a break to eat some delicious Saucy Snowcake cake and Pumpkin Spiced cake pops provided by the ever wonderful V is for Veggies. We swiftly moved on to seeing the gifts for this year though, and like always, I need a WOW and a Secret Garden in my life.


As another special treat, (LUSH really do love spoiling us!) we made our own Butterball bath bombs! Mine is very wonky but that’s just a bit of character I gave it totally on purpose…


Do expect more in-depth reviews of my favourite products over the coming months – these products are too good not to share!

What are your favourite LUSH products this winter?

Bethany xo


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