My November Goals;

November is a strange month. It’s not quite Christmas yet and Halloween and Bonfire night are over and done with. It’s cold and wet outside and you’re frugal with your paycheck so you can splash out over Christmas. November is quite a plain and uninspiring month.

To make the month feel a little more worthwhile, I’ve set myself a few little goals to pass the time.

  1. Write more often. For someone with a creative writing degree who describes themselves as a writer, I actually write very little. I have unfinished projects in numerous folders on my laptop, a novel I’ve slowly been working on for almost a year, and tonnes of ideas rattling around my brain. In November I plan on getting a huge chunk of my novel written and at least one smaller writing project finished. tumblr_oz22xdvkbZ1raamyno1_540
  2. Get some practice with my new camera! Last month I bought myself a Sony Cybershot W810 to get myself into photography as a new hobby. As of yet I haven’t had a chance to get snappy with my camera, but I’m coming for you November!
  3. Finish reading The Art of Baking Blind by Sarah Vaughn. I’ve been trying to read this book for a month now and I’m still less than 150 pages in. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying this book but life keeps getting in the way!
  4. Get a head start on my Christmas shopping. Even if I don’t buy many of my Christmas presents this month, I’d like to have a list done so December isn’t stressful. I often end up rushing around, full of anxiety about my Christmas shopping – this year, I’d like to be able to chill out and experience December more casually. DSC00020
  5. Do more baking. My parents bought me a kitchen mixer for my birthday and I’ve only used it a handful of times since! The last time I used it, I made a pumpkin and salted caramel cake and you can find that recipe right here! I adore baking and autumn/winter seems like the perfect time to carry out that particular hobby.
  6. Declutter. Some find it strange but I love tidying and cleaning. There is nothing more satisfying than spending a day decluttering, scrubbing, hoovering, and polishing and seeing the results of your efforts emerge. Every year before Christmas, I like to do a huge deep clean and declutter to “make room” for the coming year. That probably makes no sense but it’s a tradition and my anxiety goes haywire if I don’t “make room.”
  7. Keep working on my blog make-over. I have only had this blog for a mere two months or so but I get bored SO FAST. My bedroom gets re-arranged and re-decorated all the time, I want to re-invent my image constantly, my hair never knows what’s coming next. All of this translate into my blog too! So far I’ve changed my domain and my header but more changes will be on the way!

Do you guys have any goals this months? I’d love to hear them!

Bethany xo

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