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Day 1 – twenty random facts about yourself;

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I have decided to take part in this challenge to post every day for 30 days to get myself back into the blogging sphere. On that note, what do you think of my new logo and title banner?! I’m totally in love!

Anyway, I’m so excited to get going on this challenge and I hope you’ll continue to join me over the next 30 days.

As you can tell from the title, today I will be listing 20 random facts about myself, so you get the chance to know me a little better.

  1. I still have Christmas decorations up in my bedroom from last year. They’re 6 strings of snowflakes hanging from the ceiling above my desk – I loved them too much to take them down!
  2. My blog name comes from my obsession with Strictly Come Dancing. Seriously though, I’m scarily obsessed with that show. I have five Strictly annuals, met a number of the professionals and attended their tours, I have signed photos, at least 3 Strictly DVDs, a Strictly mug, last year my friend Emily bought me a Strictly wine glass, and I have the entirety of last series recorded.
  3. I am technically qualified to teach P.E. I took a course, studied, wrote lesson plans, taught classes, passed the course. I’m not a qualified teacher but I have a certificate and badge to prove that I can teach P.E.
  4. Live theatre makes my heart happy like nothing else. I love the anticipation of waiting for a show to start, I love laughing and crying, being wowed and even being underwhelmed. I collect all my tickets and I have a favourite seat in my local theatre. That theatre is basically a second home for me!
  5. Rose and lavender are two of my favourite scents. Air fresheners, cleaning products, soap, shampoo, bubble bath, shower gel, perfume…let me bathe in it.
  6. I am the clumsiest person I know. Trips, falls, slips, breaking of objects and bones, I’ve done it all and I do it all regularly.
  7. My favourite Shakespeare play is King Lear. No story for this one, just the truth.
  8. I love Shakespeare so much I went on holiday just to learn more. You can read my post about my time in Stratford here!
  9. The last four months of the year are my favourite. Cold evenings, fairy lights, pumpkin spice everything, Strictly is back on the telly, Christmas…I could happily live in those 4 months forever.
  10. My favourite Britney Spears album is Circus. I mention this fact simply because I think the album is horrifically underrated and deserves more love.
  11. I have an allergy to sea salt. It’s so weird, I know. When sea salt touches my skin, I get a horrible, itchy, sore rash soon after. My throat even had a reaction to it after eating sea salt crisps once. I’ve not tried those crisps since.
  12. I’m taking ballroom dance classes. My Strictly obsession has led me to taking lessons with Donahey’s! I am terrible at it, but I have fun every week and it’s fab-u-lous exercise.
  13. I’ve known I wasn’t straight since I was a child. I blame Human Wuya from Xiaolin Showdown and Keira Knightley.
  14. I have been single for at least five years and I’m absolutely loving it.
  15. I can’t hear in my left ear. I burst my eardrum as a teenager, and it didn’t heal properly so now I visit an audiologist every two years.
  16. So far this year I have read 40 books and hoping to reach at least 50.
  17. Romcoms are my weakness. I’m a huge sucker for romance and I love evenings in with ice cream, pizza, and a romcom marathon.
  18. When I was 16, to celebrate passing all my GCSEs, I ate a whole chocolate cheesecake. Yes, I definitely know how to party!
  19. My Starbucks order is a mocha with an extra shot, no cream. This probably isn’t an interesting fact but I’m craving one right now.
  20. I used to believe that Peter Pan and Neverland really existed and that I could see Neverland from my bedroom window. A small part of me still believes it all.

Twenty facts are a lot harder to think of than I anticipated, and I really had to search my brain for some of these! Do you and I have anything in common here? Would you like to share 20 facts about yourself? If so, I’d love to read them!

Thank you for reading and I hope I’ll see you again tomorrow!


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