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My LUSH essentials;

It’s no secret that I’m bit of a LUSH addict. I have boxes upon boxes and shelves upon shelves of products that I’ve loved and curated over the years. In fact, there was probably a period where I spent more time in my local store than I did my own house.

After so many years of watching products come and go, I’ve found myself gravitating towards a few of the same products in particular. They are my core five products that I base many other of my LUSH purchases around and I’m not sure I could live without them any more.


1. American Cream conditioner.
I have VERY thick, curly hair to the point where brushes and combs will break in it, hairbands that get tangled in it will need to be cut out, and I look like Crystal Tipps more often than not. It tends to get oily on the roots and dry on the ends – it was a constant battle to get my hair feeling healthy and soft from root to tip. After trying LUSH’s heaviest conditioner, Retread, and found that it did nothing for me, I thought that nothing would help to tame my mane. After some gentle persuasion, I gave American Cream a go and was totally astounded by the results. My hair was soft, far more manageable, and was sweet-smelling for days. After using it for a few weeks, I also noticed that my hair felt much stronger too! This product was a God send for my locks and I can’t imagine using anything else now. For extra nourishment on my scalp, I like to team this conditioner with Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo bar, and, once every couple of months, with Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Ease treatment.

2. Angels on Bare Skin/Herbalism.
Okay, okay, technically this is two products…BUT, I’m never without one of them. As soon as I run out of one, I buy the other and I alternate between the two. Angels is brilliant for toning and balancing the redness of my cheeks and forehead and providing a gentle exfoliant that doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Herbalism does wonders at reducing oiliness and keeps my cystic acne at bay. Alternating between the two cleansers is perfect for my skin type and it tackles many problem areas for me. When my skin needs a little more love and attention, I pair these products with either Catastrophe Cosmetic or FOMO face masks, depending on what my skin needs at the time.

3. Buffy body butter.
I adore body scrubs, but I hate how so many include micro-beads. When I went to LUSH looking for a micro-bead free alternative, I found the most popular were Ocean Salt and Rub, Rub, Rub. Now, this was no good to me because I’m allergic to sea salt. I tried both products in a sample and ended up coming out in huge rashes after using them. But then, Buffy came into my life. Buffy is a scrub made from ground rice, almonds, and aduki beans and contains huge helpings of shea and cocoa butter. This scrub is gentle enough not to aggravate my sensitive skin and eczema and it moisturises any dry patches which means I’m not spending lots of money on moisturisers and body creams! This product is truly a wonder.

4. Sex Bomb bath bomb.
I love jasmine. I’m a jasmine fiend. Now, I’m a die-hard lover of Flying Fox shower gel and Lust perfume which are through and through jasmine delights – you tend to either love them or hate them. However, Sex Bomb is much more agreeable to the noses of those who err on the side of jasmine haters. It’s sweeter and milder than the previously mentioned products, but it still has that seductive jasmine scent at its heart that keeps jasmine lovers like me happy. I find it to be a relaxing scent and something I use as a form of aromatherapy when I’m not feeling my best. The scent of this bath bomb calms my soul whilst the soya milk and clary sage soften and soothe my skin. It’s the perfect antidote to life’s trivial troubles.

5. Rose Jam bubbleroon.
How many rose products have you found that smell like Grandma’s washing powder? I can promise you won’t get that scent with this bubble bar. Rose Jam is deliciously pink and smells like roses dipped in sugar. It will brighten any bath tub and leave you feeling decadent. I love floral products, and this is by far my favourite one that LUSH has ever come up with. The lemon oil mingling with the double hit of rose oil and absolute lifts it into a more sophisticated and youthful fragrance. The inclusion of cocoa butter, shea butter, and cornflour is a treat for my skin and, once again, calms any areas of sensitivity. I feel soft and pampered, bright and bubbly whenever I use this bar. It appeals to my hedonistic side and calls to me whenever I need an indulgent treat. However, sometimes I find this bar can be slightly too sweet when I want something earthier from a floral product, so I like to add a chunk of Grass bubble bar to balance out the sugary scent.

What are your top 5 products and are you a jasmine lover or hater? Let me know in the comments and thank you for reading!

Bethany xo

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January Favourites;

Hello all!

January is coming to an end, payday is imminent, and the sun is coming out (or at least, it is here!) So, it feels like an appropriate time to share a bit of positivity and talk about my favourite things this month.

  1. FRIENDS – I don’t mean the people I call my friends, though they are very dear to me, I mean the TV show. After Netflix added all ten seasons on New Year’s Day, I binge watched it almost every day for about two or three weeks. It’s such easy watching over the festive period and still funny. I’m also still of the same opinion as all those years ago when I first watched this show – I hate Ross and Rachel shouldn’t have gotten off the plane. tumblr_own1q6o4bE1raamyno2_400
  2. This jumper from Yours Clothing – Okay, I didn’t buy this green jumper in January, but it has remained my favourite winter warmer. It’s thick, soft and comfortable. I love it so much that I also bought the same jumper in blue.
  3. Candles – For Christmas, I bought myself a Yankee Candle gift box and one of my family friends bought me another Yankee Candle. Then in the January sales, I bought myself some more! My favourites from my little collection are Macaron Treats, Berry Trifle, and Spiced White Cocoa.
  4. And speaking of cocoa, I’m also loving hot chocolate this month. Usually, I hate hot chocolate because it’s far too sickly and sweet for my liking. But Hotel Chocolat’s classic hot chocolate is made of 70% smooth, rich, dark chocolate. It’s perfect for cosying up in bed with, ready for an early night and a movie marathon.
  5. White roses – I love flowers and especially roses. I try to have fresh plants and flowers in my bedroom as much as I can. This month though, I have been particularly drawn to white roses. I’ve bought real ones, fake ones, I’m pressing some in books, I’ve got white rose fairy lights adorning my shelves…I’m a little bit obsessed right now but I don’t care because they’re so pretty!
  6. These Deichmann shoes – They look like your nan’s curtains but that’s just part of their charm! These shoes have velvet laces and feel like your nan’s curtains too. They’re an unusual yet comfortable pair shoes that have gained me plenty of compliments whilst I’ve been wearing them.
  7. How to Stop Time by Matt Haig – I adored this book – it was sweet, funny, sad, and poignant. I devoured this book in two sittings and I regret having read it so fast! I had the Chris Riddell illustrated version of this book and I highly recommend it. tumblr_p3df1cVAE91raamyno1_540Haig and Riddell make a damn good story-telling team. I’ll write a more in-depth review of this book over the coming weeks because I loved it too much to leave it at only a few sentences.
  8. Cardamom Coffee perfume – This perfume is my favourite from LUSH’s new fragrance collection. It’s one of their strongest and warmest scents with top notes of cardamom. Once it’s been on the skin for a few hours, the cocoa absolute and rose oil leave a mild, sweet and rich base note. This perfume feels like a winter hug in a bottle.
  9. My pink and blue scarf – I bought a scarf from the Little Barbican Boutique, a shop owned by a good friend of mine. It’s long, soft, and made in my favourite colours – I have worn it every time I’ve gone out this month and I’m not looking forward to when it’s too warm to wear it. I wish winter scarves were fashionable and convenient all year round.
  10. Takeaways – When I come home from work at half seven, tired and achy from standing up all day in a kitchen, the last thing I want to do is stand up in a kitchen and cook dinner. I’ve gotten into the habit of ordering food from Just Eat or Deliveroo on the bus home, so I can spend as much time relaxing as possible. I’ve discovered some great food by ordering in so much this month, but it has taken its toll on my bank account. So, as much as I love it and enjoy the convenience, I’m going to try and curb this habit in February.

What have you guys been loving this month? I’d love to hear about some of things that have made you smile over January so do leave a comment and I’ll see you again soon!

Bethany xo

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LUSH Valentine’s Day Showcase 2018;


When you’re as perpetually singe as I am, Valentine’s Day can be a bit of a drag sometimes. I mean, there’s only so many years in a row where the only flowers you get are from your Dad, and the only chocolate you get are the discounted ones on the 15th before you start to feel like an old maid.

It’s not all bad though because LUSH always comes out in force at Valentine’s to pamper everyone regardless of relationship status.

Rose Bombshell and Unicorn Horn

Recently I was invited to my local store for the Valentine’s Day Showcase to indulge in the love of the new range. Admittedly, most of the Valentine’s range is a love affair for the tub but as always, there is something for everyone.

My favourites;

My all time favourite bath bomb, Rose Bombshell is back and this year it’s joined by the GIANT version too! Rose Bombshell shares its scent with Rose Jam and contains fine sea salt to boost circulation and brighten the skin. Combined with the softening rose petals, rose absolute and rose oil, this bath bomb is a real sweet treat for your skin.

I could practically rejoice with this next bath bomb. Tisty Tosty, a poor discontinued favourite of mine, is back with a make-over! This time, Tisty is sporting a bright pink colour but still has the same musky rose scent.

Whole Lotta Love bubbleroon is a new addition to this year’s collection. This bubble bar shares its scent with the appropriately named Love scent, also known as the Fizzbanger scent. To me, this bar smells like apple pie and contains a healthy helping of shea butter and murumuru butter so you’ll be good enough to eat after using this bar!

Making bubbles with Whole Lotta Love

Cherryish body scrub is a cute little heart shaped bar made from sea salt, ground cherry stones and four types of butters to keep your skin buffed and smooth. It has an intoxicatingly yummy smell of chocolate and cherry that I could just indulge in forever!

As LUSH continues to promote their naked shower products, Kiss Me Quick wash card fits in neatly a small token of love and appreciation. This wash card is shaped like a pair of cherry red lips and has a mild Christmassy scent with apple and cloves as two main ingredients. If you’re not quite ready to part with Christmas as we move into February, then this product is for you. Plus, this product is the perfect size to slip into a Valentine’s card for a romantic surprise.

Kiss Me Quick!
Tender is the Night naked shower cream is a floral fantasy of jasmine, ylang ylang and vanilla. Not only does this smell heavenly but it’s heavenly for the environment and your wallet too. There’s no plastic waste with this delight and it’s double the concentrate of ordinary liquid gels, so it lasts much longer for the price! It’s a win/win!


Lots of Love gift box is something I might have to gift to myself this year. This pretty box contains 9 delectable products, 8 of which are from the Valentine’s range. The products come in a beautiful rose and gold box that can be reused to keep your keepsakes or other LUSH products in. Plus, it’s technically already wrapped so that’s one less thing on your to-do list!

After getting to know the products, we had time for cake and chocolate courtesy of V is for Veggies, we made Big Blue bath bombs, and had free skin care and hair care consultations, and hand and arm massages! LUSH really do know how to spoil their customers and that’s why they will always be my Valentine!

You can find the rest of the Valentine’s Day range here and do let me know what your favourite products are from this year’s VD range!

Bethany xo



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LUSH; Christmas and Halloween 2017


It might only be October but in my world, it’s never too early to utter the C word. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t yearning for long nights, chilly weather, and a house full of fairy lights. I’ve started Christmas shopping and festive recipes are already flying through my mind. So, when LUSH invited me to see their new products and get into the Christmas spirit with other lovely bloggers in the area, I was thrilled.

This year, LUSH is putting their focus on naked packaging. Not only are naked products more environmentally friendly but it’s cheaper, they tend to last longer, and they’re naturally self-preserving. You can read more about LUSH’s naked packaging initiative here.

Makeup and skincare;

Fan favourites Buche de Noel and Santa Baby lip scrub and tints are back for another year and my skin is already crying out for them. But what’s new this year?


When I first got to this section of our showcase for evening, there was something shimmering gold that caught my attention immediately. Shades of Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh is a lip block of three colours that can be mixed or used separately to create gorgeous sparkly lip shades. I love metallics for winter, so I can already see myself using this across the festive period.

Sparkle Jars could be my new obsession. Fairy Dust and Mr Sandman dusting powders were insanely popular and now they’re in a naked form. This year they’re in little massage bar jars so it’s basically like getting two products for the price of one – score!

If you want something a bit lighter and fresher for your skin than the candyfloss and lavender scented sparkle jars, then I think Once Upon a Time body lotion is something you should try. It’s made with apple infusion, grapefruit oil, and lemon oil making it uplifting and cleansing and something different for the nose among all the spicy scents of Christmas.


Thundersnow bath bomb is a mint chocolate scented delight peppered with popping candy. Its design is inspired by the view of the Earth from space and the name comes from never knowing what the weather in the UK is going to be. Will it thunder? Will it snow? It’s a mystery! I can see this bath bomb taking off in a big way.


When I spoke to the staff members during the event, they all seemed to agree that their favourite bath bomb this year is Christmas Sweater. It’s festive in design with reindeers playing in the snow on a cranberry red base. However, its scent didn’t appeal to me. This ballistic is heavy with ginger, mustard, coriander, and clove but cut with lemon oil to add a subtle fresh note. I see the appeal and I can imagine it being great for frigid days and sore muscles. It might be one that grows on me over the next few months.

Pink and glitter are two of my favourite colours (yes, glitter is a colour in my eyes!) so the sparkly Pink Pumpkin stole my heart as soon as I saw it. Then I smelled it, realised it was floral scented and I decided right then and there it was my favourite Halloween product of all time. This bubble bar creates lots of soft bubbles, turns the water a beautiful pastel pink, and makes the water silky with the addition of cornflower. Plus, the scent is gentle and calming. But don’t worry – the original Sparkly Pumpkin is still here if you prefer something a little more traditional from your Halloween products.


Okay, I am DYING to tell you all about my favourite soap this year. Golden Pear not only looks delectable, but it smells it too! This soap has a fresh, sweet, true pear smell thanks to the pear puree it’s made with.


The scent is far more layered than this though, as it also has a sour note as some pears do and a warming element from the clove and cardamom. It’s almost like the smell of a warm pear crumble. This soap is extra special because every time you use it, you get a big helping of plastic-free glitter. Shimmery skin all the way!

Solid shower gels now exist, and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sold on them to begin with. They look like soaps moulded to resemble shower gel bottles, but I can guarantee you that they’re not soaps. These solid gels have a shower gel base, the only difference is that these gels are thicker so they achieve the solid form. They lather the same as liquid shower gels and feel the same as liquid shower gels on the skin. The solid version works well because they last longer, however my clumsy self has dropped this gel so many times already. Oh well, practice makes perfect.


After perusing the new products, we took a break to eat some delicious Saucy Snowcake cake and Pumpkin Spiced cake pops provided by the ever wonderful V is for Veggies. We swiftly moved on to seeing the gifts for this year though, and like always, I need a WOW and a Secret Garden in my life.


As another special treat, (LUSH really do love spoiling us!) we made our own Butterball bath bombs! Mine is very wonky but that’s just a bit of character I gave it totally on purpose…


Do expect more in-depth reviews of my favourite products over the coming months – these products are too good not to share!

What are your favourite LUSH products this winter?

Bethany xo



My everyday make-up routine.




Tonight I’m off out to celebrate my friend ElectricEmily‘s birthday! [Insert firework and streamer emojis here] So I thought this would be a good time to go through my everyday skincare and make-up routine with you.

Now, I would like to mention that my everyday make-up routine doesn’t hide my flaws. I have terrible skin; it’s oily, I have large pores, I have spots galore that refuse to go away no matter what I try, and I have acne scars. But I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I can’t be bothered to spend my mornings trying to fix those things. I put on enough make-up to make me feel good and get on with my day! Life is far too short to spend ages in a mirror trying to camouflage my acne…

This is me sans make-up…a rarely seen beast in public…

The first thing I do before I apply any make-up is wash and cleanse my face. Since I’m going out tonight I decided to use a face mask. I’m using one of LUSH Cosmetics’ new jelly face masks Bunny Moon (£6.95).

After leaving the mask on for fifteen minutes, I rinse it off with warm water and a washcloth in circular motions. Once the mask is off, I pat my face dry and lightly mist it with some toner. I like to use another LUSH product: Eau Roma Water (£4.95/£9.50). Eau Roma Water tones and calms my sensitive skin with rose and lavender water after washing, whilst also cleaning away any remaining face mask or cleanser.


Next, and you guessed it – it’s another LUSH product! I use Magical Moringa (£25.95) as a combined moisturiser and primer. It becomes incredibly matte and smooth on the skin, so even someone with naturally oily skin can use it without making the oiliness worse or having the product slip off. Magical Moringa also helps to even out the appearance of my pores.

Now that my skin care is complete, I can move on to applying make-up! I don’t always use concealer but my favourite so far is the Soap and Glory Kick Ass All is Calm concealer coming in at £8. This is a rather scary-looking green concealer that helps to tone down redness. I get a lot of redness on my cheeks and chin, so I apply concealer to those areas with a blending sponge.

If you thought I was done with the LUSH products then you’d be wrong! I switched from my old usual foundation in 2015 to LUSH’s colour supplement and I love it. It’s lightweight, build-able, durable, and mixes easily with foundation for when you just want a light as possible coverage. I like to use shade Jackie Oates (£10.95) – it’s their palest tone and it’s made with oat milk and aloe, making it incredibly soothing on sensitive skin. A little pot lasts a long time and I usually only need to buy a new pot once every six months.

To set the colour supplement and make my skin more matte in appearance, I like to use Rimmel London’s Stay Matte powder (£3.99) in shade 001 Transparent. (Yay for that pale life!)

Then on to the details! Firstly my eyebrows. Today I want a slightly more defined look so I’m using Benefit Cosmetics’ Ka-Brow! in shade 3 (£20). My mascara is Rimmel London’s Wake me Up! (£7.99). This mascara has added vitamins and cucumber to keep your lashes looking luscious and it actually smells like cucumber!

Next, I sweep Benefit’s Hoola bronzer (£24.50) on the apples of my cheeks and blend with a brush because it’s slightly too dark for my skin tone. I do have my eye on the new Hoola Lite though!

Finally, it’s time for lipstick! Whether I use bronzer or blusher for my cheeks influences my lipstick choice. If I use bronzer then I like to have a colourful lip, if blusher, I have a more natural lip colour. Today I’m using MAC’s matte lipstick in shade Mehr (£16.50) for a touch of pink.

TA-DAH! That’s my face totally made up for the day/night! What are your go-to products?

Bethany xo