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January Favourites;

Hello all!

January is coming to an end, payday is imminent, and the sun is coming out (or at least, it is here!) So, it feels like an appropriate time to share a bit of positivity and talk about my favourite things this month.

  1. FRIENDS – I don’t mean the people I call my friends, though they are very dear to me, I mean the TV show. After Netflix added all ten seasons on New Year’s Day, I binge watched it almost every day for about two or three weeks. It’s such easy watching over the festive period and still funny. I’m also still of the same opinion as all those years ago when I first watched this show – I hate Ross and Rachel shouldn’t have gotten off the plane. tumblr_own1q6o4bE1raamyno2_400
  2. This jumper from Yours Clothing – Okay, I didn’t buy this green jumper in January, but it has remained my favourite winter warmer. It’s thick, soft and comfortable. I love it so much that I also bought the same jumper in blue.
  3. Candles – For Christmas, I bought myself a Yankee Candle gift box and one of my family friends bought me another Yankee Candle. Then in the January sales, I bought myself some more! My favourites from my little collection are Macaron Treats, Berry Trifle, and Spiced White Cocoa.
  4. And speaking of cocoa, I’m also loving hot chocolate this month. Usually, I hate hot chocolate because it’s far too sickly and sweet for my liking. But Hotel Chocolat’s classic hot chocolate is made of 70% smooth, rich, dark chocolate. It’s perfect for cosying up in bed with, ready for an early night and a movie marathon.
  5. White roses – I love flowers and especially roses. I try to have fresh plants and flowers in my bedroom as much as I can. This month though, I have been particularly drawn to white roses. I’ve bought real ones, fake ones, I’m pressing some in books, I’ve got white rose fairy lights adorning my shelves…I’m a little bit obsessed right now but I don’t care because they’re so pretty!
  6. These Deichmann shoes – They look like your nan’s curtains but that’s just part of their charm! These shoes have velvet laces and feel like your nan’s curtains too. They’re an unusual yet comfortable pair shoes that have gained me plenty of compliments whilst I’ve been wearing them.
  7. How to Stop Time by Matt Haig – I adored this book – it was sweet, funny, sad, and poignant. I devoured this book in two sittings and I regret having read it so fast! I had the Chris Riddell illustrated version of this book and I highly recommend it. tumblr_p3df1cVAE91raamyno1_540Haig and Riddell make a damn good story-telling team. I’ll write a more in-depth review of this book over the coming weeks because I loved it too much to leave it at only a few sentences.
  8. Cardamom Coffee perfume – This perfume is my favourite from LUSH’s new fragrance collection. It’s one of their strongest and warmest scents with top notes of cardamom. Once it’s been on the skin for a few hours, the cocoa absolute and rose oil leave a mild, sweet and rich base note. This perfume feels like a winter hug in a bottle.
  9. My pink and blue scarf – I bought a scarf from the Little Barbican Boutique, a shop owned by a good friend of mine. It’s long, soft, and made in my favourite colours – I have worn it every time I’ve gone out this month and I’m not looking forward to when it’s too warm to wear it. I wish winter scarves were fashionable and convenient all year round.
  10. Takeaways – When I come home from work at half seven, tired and achy from standing up all day in a kitchen, the last thing I want to do is stand up in a kitchen and cook dinner. I’ve gotten into the habit of ordering food from Just Eat or Deliveroo on the bus home, so I can spend as much time relaxing as possible. I’ve discovered some great food by ordering in so much this month, but it has taken its toll on my bank account. So, as much as I love it and enjoy the convenience, I’m going to try and curb this habit in February.

What have you guys been loving this month? I’d love to hear about some of things that have made you smile over January so do leave a comment and I’ll see you again soon!

Bethany xo


#NationalFitnessDay: My Gym Routine.


Today is National Fitness Day and I’ve started going back to the gym after a summer break! As such, now seemed like a good time to share with you my gym routine and exercise habits to celebrate.

Honestly, many are surprised when they find out that I go to the gym simply because I’m fat and people assume that I’m lazy and inactive. Going to the gym isn’t the only thing I do. I love playing sports – tennis, badminton, volleyball, netball, all sorts! I have an active job too, so I’m really not as inactive and sluggish as my plus-size frame makes you think I am.


I tend to go to the gym about three/four times a week. I don’t go to lose weight as such, but rather for personal enjoyment and health purposes. For most of my life I’ve been living with a number of health conditions that make it difficult for me to lose weight – going to the gym is a simple way of keeping on top of my cardiovascular health and improving my strength.

So what’s my typical gym routine?

  1. Bike: 10 minutes at level 4. This is my usual warm-up, averaging around a speed of 55 RPM.
  2. Treadmill: 15 minutes at various speeds and inclines. I start with 5 minutes of walking at 5km/h, then 5 minutes of walking at the same speed with an incline of 5%. The last five minutes are either 6km/h of walking with no incline, or 4km/h of walking with a 10% incline.10787735_1527445460877431_626281565_n
  3. Cross trainer: Alternating between 1 minute of high intensity exercise and 1 minute of medium intensity for a total of 10 minutes.
  4. Chest press: 3×12 reps at 11kg
  5. Leg press: 3×12 reps at 39kg
  6. Shoulder press: 3×12 reps at 4.5kg
  7. Seated row: 3×12 reps at 10.1kg
  8. Plank: 3×20 seconds
  9. Squats with kettlebell: 3×12 at 4kg

All of these exercises take me about an hour in the gym but I prefer to spend an hour and half there from 6:30am to 8am. With the remaining half an hour, I tend to go back to the treadmill for a slow walk on a high incline (anything over 10%), a gentle jog with no incline, and then a cool down set by the treadmill.

During the evening of gym days, depending on how tired or busy I am, I like to round off the day with half an hour of beginners yoga to stretch out and take care of my muscles.

Are you fitness fanatic or a total fitness phobic?

Thanks for reading guys and I hope you have a good national fitness day!

Bethany xo